To be out-tuned

Well.. haven’t you had this feeling about the world moving way faster than you? Everyday lots of people share lots of stuff that you haven’t seen yet, and you start thinking ‘Holy shit! I have to start watching stuff, or I’ll be left behind!’ fuck yea. Well, I’m one of those people that when sees something online and likes it a lot, shares it. Not for the sake of saying ‘see? see how cool I am?’ (I know there’s people like that in this world) but because I love the people I have around.

When I share something is either because I find it inspiring or funny, and I want people around me to feel turned on by the stuff that helped me somehow. After that I thought, ok I have a blog that’s all about hating, which is the opposite thing to the reasons why I share stuff, so.. I figured that what I’m going to do is to share the stuff by hating the opposite. D’you know what I mean? If I’m sharing a video about an economical revolution, I’ll hate capitalism, ad.. in that way I’ll be able to share the stuff I love.. actually by hating the opposite stuff.

I hope it’s clear now. This is basically a post to explain you guys how this will change a little bit.
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So.. I hate to be out-tuned and that’s why I’ll try to tune you to all the stuff that I find, and I’m going to start with this:

That’s a collaborative social network made by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (the guy from 500 days of summer), in this place any artist wannabe can come in and join any project by collaborating in it, helping other people and giving out your insights. It’s not fb it’s not twitter, it’s a playground for people to meet and share. Great stuff, you better check it out, because it’s awesome.

Cheers, motherfuckers!


People who won’t listen

D’you know those assholes? Those assholes that blame on you all the time but, in fact, they are the guiltiest ones? They are who screw it all. It seems there’s a joy in blaming others about their bad situation but it is actually on their fuckin’ side!!

I personally hate those, and, please, before leaving, have a look at this, otherwise I’ll kill a kitten. There are tons in the place where I live now, so don’t fuck with me.  🙂


You might say.. there are shitloads of different kind of animals in this strangely wired little world we’re living in, why alpacas? Well.. there’s not just one, there are several reasons why I just can’t stand them. All are related to the same story: Last year, when I was in sweden, I went with my friend Anna (that I just met there), his great brother (don’t even remember his face) and Petra (a hot check chick) to this Moose farm, in order to see a real moose while we were in the land of the moose. Anyway, we went there and after seeing how Petra kissed the animal, there was a surprisingly unexpected final twist to the visit: Alpacas!

First of all, what the fuck does a fuckin’ alpaca do in Sweden!? They are grown in fuckin’ Peru!! Those Alpacas were freezing below their dirty and warm set of wool!! But.. that’s not the case, the case is that they explained us why their teeth look like that

Foto del día 10-03-2013 a la(s) 02:54

An alpaca by Juan Antonio Casaus

Their superior teeth looks like if they were constantly trying to reach an apple because they are done so that the coolest alpaca in the herd can rip off the fuckin’ testicles from the lamest alpaca in the tribe!! I mean, they are not animals, they are monsters!! They all look so nice and stupid with their fancy fringe but, when it comes to the real world, if I were an alpaca I would seriously have to put lots of efforts in keeping my balls safe!! This is freaking nuts, mate!

But anyway, the story goes on, and we go inside the cage with all the alpacas. They look so distracted, with their sigh lost in the horizon, but.. with that said, I was trying to feed this ‘mother of all the alpacas’ (the oldest in the tribe), and she just KICKED ME, the damned alpaca didn’t even look at me, she just went BUM! And kicked me on my leg!! Then she turned to eat from my hand, looked at me and spitted me!!!

What the hell!? I was kicked and spitted by the same alpaca in less than a 1 minute lapse. Oh man.. That was gross, harsh and fuckin’ ridiculous..

So.. I guess it’s not hard to find out the reason why I’ve dedicated a whole post to how much I hate them, right?
Just.. don’t ever trust in one of them. They are evil and fucking viral (see what they did with the ‘Ola k ase’ meme)..

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