Pic by Jaco Haasbroek (

It’s been like that since I was maybe fourteen, when I was waiting for this bus to give me a ride home, I had my feet into this dusty hole where trees are planted into the ground. I don’t know what shape do they have in other places but in Seville, where I use to live, they were squared and a little bit deep. Maybe twenty centimeters..

It was a matter of time that I realized that I had zillions of ants (there weren’t that many) going up and down trough my leg under the pants. And it was winter so I had this long underwear that would get to my ankles.. That’d mean that I would not be able to take them out or even see what was happenning, I would just be able to kill them under my pants and feel them running free trough my skin. Only until I got home I could see how was the panorama, and despite some of them were still alive.. I had this black leg full of dead ants scaring the shit out of me.

There’s only one thing that both annoy and scare me more than this fuckers.. Ants with wings.


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