To start up a blog with nothing to say

Pic by Jaco Haasbroek (

Well I remember how Ria and Oli, back to those karlstad times, pushed me to create my own blog to list down all the things I hate since.. in english I am a total hater. That was fun at that time, playing the english speaker guy who is able to articulate speechs to explain himself about how badly he hate most of the things that sourround him.

Now that I’m back to Spain and that I have pretty much nothing to do, in order to practise my english, to obligate myself to write something down, and to fulfill some sort of egocentric need I have since time ago, I’m creating this blog. If you are going to follow it  then you are going to read lots of bullshit coming out of my fingers but that’s that. Maybe you’ll find some sort of link with the things I hate, and we will eventually come together to get drunk and talk about the things we can’t stand of this wonderful pile of shit that the world is made of. Cheers. 🙂


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