This discoclub-let’s-see-who-pose-better culture

Pic by Jaco Haasbroek (

When I first listened I was going to Sweden, I thought: ‘oh man! I’m going to the country where most of the music I listen to come from!’.. But reality fucked me up the second or third day I arrived. Where I was expecting weed and motherfuckers gettin’ laid in clubs while listening to indie bands granted by the state, I found motherfuckin’ sweds all violent and agressive jumping around in clubs with music and blondie totally artificial girl, those clubs that I don’t go to when I am in Seville.

Now that I’m back in Seville I see the same kind of people, the same kind of culture of ‘let’s go to the gym, get muscles and show them in places in order to.. maybe get laid or maybe get sadness’. I figure that all this cult to the body and stuff.. is great, meaning.. I don’t have any, and therefore, I sometimes feel guilty about it, but.. I don’t think that’s going to help them either..

I don’t believe in borders, but this people.. seems to have no boundaries.
I can’t stop freakin’ out with human nature. That’s why I became a dog.


One response to “This discoclub-let’s-see-who-pose-better culture”

  1. whatforagain? says :

    Nice… I love dogs! (No I don’t)

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