People that are always right (and they are actually not)

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I remember this one time I went to ask to the scholarship department one of those stupid questions that always pop up in my head, totally pointless and that they’re just there to stress the hell out of me.. And there, I saw this friend’s friend  waiting in line with (I guess) another friend of his. I didn’t want to be rude, so I said hello and started up a conversation with them about this Sacha Baron-Cohen film ‘The Dictator’, which was a the trending topic at that time because there is a part of the movie that was recorded here.

I kindly opined that if I had to choose a place to record something that looks like arabic but in Spain, I would go to Granada. Awesome city. Beautiful. Out of nowhere this friend of this friend’s friend cleared his throat, (he was studying law), and in a really prepotent way and arrogantly, he would say to me the following: ‘You are wrong. There is no ‘mozarabe’ look in Granada. It’s all pre-hispanic.’ After that, I sort of went nuts, and explained to him that I had been in Chef Chouen (beautiful awesome great little town lost in the mountains of Marocco) and that this two places look exactly the same. He sort of lauged at me and discredited my speech meaning that I was an ignorant. I shut my face up clumsily trying to hide my hatred and never talked again.

I arrived home. Checked it on the internet and guess who was right. Fuck off! I had seen it with my eyes! But now it was too late to crash his head against a pavement and spit on his dead body, but.. next time someone tries to prove me wrong when I’m absolutely right, I swear to god I’m going to murder his entire family. Starting from the cat.


2 responses to “People that are always right (and they are actually not)”

  1. Lupe says :

    ¿Era un chaval rubio que encontraste a la orillita del río? Me pasó lo mismo, con un chico que estudiaba Derecho, y que me decía algo de eso. Que si no es mozárabe o qué sé yo porque no me acuerdo de ná. Hablábamos de Sevilla en este caso, no de Granada xD

  2. whatforagain? says :

    Marruecos eh?!

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