People that are always right (and they are assholes)

There is nothing I hate more than being wrong. That’s just like the worst shit in the world. You go there, and spend all your life saying to your friends that in the ending of Doraemon, Nobita wakes up from a deep comma and the cosmic cat was just some kind of teddy bear.. You know that your source is wikipedia, but you manage to create a whole running gag around this story that you sort of made out that, we don’t know why (even if we are now in the culture of’ let’s see this youtube video’ and you haven’t seen it) they believe.

But there’s this guy. This stupid brunette, asshole that comes into your way. Someone you’ve actually never met before, friend of some of your closest friend that comes and says you are wrong..  And you start to hesitate about the story you made up and that you ended up believing. And then you are fucked. First step is, like in every process in the human nature, The denial. That’s not true. You try to prove your point. You try to make the best out of your memory and the start to tell to your friends as many memories as you can about that last episode.. you tell them when you saw it, how and why did you see it… Basically, you try hard to fight against this motherfucker who’s going to pull you into another stage down and degradate you really bad in the social hierarchy that your friends and you have been so many years working on. But.. it’s just a matter of time (the moment that he clicks the play button in the real Doreaemon Ending) that you realize that this I-know-everything sort of guy was right. And that you were wrong.

Are you going to accept you didn’t know it whatsoever and feel offended? Or just try to make it easy so that this new guy don’t mess it up even more, like saying that Xena was actually a girl…? Well, what I did is to blame wikipedia, and.. secretly still believing that my ending was right.


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