People that don’t have the right to complain

Do you know those kind of people? Like.. They have done nothing in their entire lives and now that they have some sort of responsibility (because they are either working, or going to uni or some bullshit like that), think they are in a place where they can complain about stuff, because ‘they have rights’. They don’t have to clean the dishes because they’ve had a tough day at uni, they don’t want to go pick up somebody else with the car because they just got home… They don’t consider themselves to be neither egoistic nor assholes, they’re just young and free.


The reason why this people are representing all I hate is because of this egocentric sort of way of understanding that your parents are basically supporting your whole living. Is this assumption of being twenty something years old, and believing that you have the same responsibilities than when you were fourteen. The only difference is that now you work, or study or some bullshit like that, and your dignity is way above that. And it is easier to just keep going than really think of your position and start to freak out how weak you can be.

I hate people that they just simply don’t have any right to complain about anything.. since, they haven’t gone trough any kind of psychological pain whatsoever and they’re just lazy bricks that excuse themselves with some stereotypical comment, or with something they’ve studied and truly believe in, or.. or some bullshit like that.


One response to “People that don’t have the right to complain”

  1. Z says :

    I completely agree with your point of view.
    Unluckily, these people will be always something to complain about.

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