Short films that have longer credits than actual content

Well, I know most of the readers here don’t give a single fuck about the film world and stuff, but there’s shitloads of things to say about it. Starting from the assholes that think they know something and they actually don’t, assholes that ‘have done some stuff’.. ‘Artists’.. the world is full of motherfuckers, but it seems to me that most of them go right into the core of the amateurish stinking cinema field.

The point of this post is basically this boring kind short movies that this young attempts of filmmakers have spent some hours doing that have credits almost as long as the film is. It’s about  those arrogant, cocky, damned prepotent kind of people that don’t have anything to say or even to babble but they still dare to have make me loose my time with their vague and pretentious ideas that aren’t anything else but stereotypes of what they think an avant-garde film must have.

Well.. please. do me a favour and go rape your family with your long credits and with the relevance of your work. I would really appreciate if people would stop taking themselves so fuckin’ serious.


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