I hate people that don’t admit that they will be eventually screwed

I understand that being screwed is not something you look for. When you have a project, or an idea, or something that you are aiming to.. You know that not everything is going to be great, you know that things will eventually get hard.. If you accept the good part of it, you also accept the bad one, right? Ok.. then.. why people is so scared of actually doing stuff towards it!? Instead of asking, doing, instead of criticizing, changing!

Well.. I don’t know, these days have been a total shit all around. I don’t know if it’s for the exams.. because of the fact that I’ve barely spoken to anyone who aren’t my parents and Emma.. or maybe because there have been more problems than usual, but I’ve had more than enough to say that all the problems I see is people don’t accepting that they HAVE to be screwed.

You bought something but didn’t pay for it? They caught you? You HAVE to be screwed.

I can’t help but criticizing people who are not consequent with their choices.. who don’t know how to go trough stuff and push you down because of their inefficiency.

Fuck it! It went too serious!! Note for the next post: I have to swear more!


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One response to “I hate people that don’t admit that they will be eventually screwed”

  1. osharpe says :

    I think this is my favourite post yet! Also your written english is improving massively, your genius is starting to shine through the language barrier!!! x x x

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