Smartphones.. that topic, huh? What can I say that has never been said about them? Well.. I don’t think I have anything original to point out, but.. I just can’t help complaining about it and explaining you guys why I hate them so freaking much. The main reason why all this hatred started is because of the frustrating number of times I have to connect the charger on it, because of the damned short time it takes to my Sony Ericsson to consume the whole battery pack. It runs out so fast that sometimes I wonder if it’s me that I use it way too much or is it that the batteries are the last thing they think of when designing the fucking phone.  They run out of battery when they are the most needed thing in this whole fuckin’ world.

Well, since I’m a hater, all the faults are on the outside and, of course, I know that, for sure, they do it with this specific purpose: They do it in order to fuck you up when all your friends think the party is over but you are fuckin’ ready to roll. So.. all your boring fellas decide to go home at 1 a.m. and your fuckin’ Samsung Galaxy Ace is gone, damn. You ask some help to this really lame friend that has an iPhone, and you try to call someone before the battery goes down 5 points because of trying to connect to the network (the guy was also running out of battery and he was trying to save some by setting the airplane mode on and just use the wifi at the pub)..In the meantime… goodbye iPhone!! Fuck off, you finally have to look around to see if there’s someone familiar.. try to stick to some new people.. but they dump you.. they are busy looking at their just reloaded mobile phones.. because they had time to go home before going out…


I remember Sweden!! I went to study abroad and I bought this shitty samsung that was barely able to make phone calls and send sms, but the battery would last for a whole week!!!… Of course all that happened after the frustration of having this Nokia phone that would run out of battery in less than 6 hours (with a new battery on it). What it happened with that phone is that I threw it against the floor and destroyed it in three parts (it usually would break in 2). After that I decided to become almost analogic.. I learnt the motherfickin’ Morse code and started communicating via pigeons. Now all I have is bird shit all around. Ah, and I fuckin’ hate pigeons.



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