Smartphones (II)

There are more reasons why I hate those fuckers.. what about that moment in which they get damned stucked in the precise moment when someone is calling you!?! Or.. When they pick the phone!! Fuck!! You start wasting minutes and minutes just waiting for the mobile phone to respond!! I’v’e been tempted several times to throw it against the floor for the second time. Oh.. c’mon, seriously!? I don’t have free minutes.. and my company makes me pay for stablishing the contact!! Don’t make me cal again!!!

And d’you know why does this happen?? It’s because the fuckin’ phone is updating facebook..or retrieving the information from the whatssapp server!! (so that you girlfriend can know if the message got to you or not) D’you know what? No!! Your message didn’t get to me because I was fuckin’ trying to make a simple phone call!!

I dunno what was wrong with my mobile phone.. so I decided to desinstall all this bullshit that are suppossed to make your life easier thaat are commonly known as Apps. I reset the whole fuckin’ memory. Back to the original form.. And now.. It seems to work better.. no angry birds… no flipboard, no 360º camera..

I decided not to make the same mistakes again.. so I decided not to install any of the apps I had and keep the phone clean of bullshit.. Well and then I installed Dropbox, it is needed… And googlr drive… and evernote, and.. fuck.


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