Realize that there was a much simpler way


Hasn’t it never happened to you? Let’s say.. you’ve spent a whole day trying to input all your contact list from your old-fashioned analog notebook and, at the end of the day.. Something happens, your mobile phone go to hell.. You fuck up at some point.. we don’t know what happens, but.. you loose all you did.

Ok. It’s not work. But it stil beats the shit out of someone right away.

Well.. three days later you meet with this old friend of yours who’s a damned fuckin’ geek and, after you tell the whole story.. your great drama about how you ended up wasting a whole afternoon in the pursue of having a better organization by migrating to the digital.. after that.. he goes like:

“Didn’t you know you can take a picture and the phone will search for the numbers and organise it by its own?”

Then there’s silence. There are some awkward sights. And then.. SHAME.

Well.. I’m that kind of guy.
The geek.
And it still happen.



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