I hate the hypnotist power of the internet

Note to myself: Never trust in Goats anymore.

Ok. So.. I felt ready. After some hours stuck with the computer, refining my CV, my website (that you can check out in here) and looking for some job opportunities on linked in, I thought myself:” You’ve done enough of internet today, you feel ready now to close it and start writing a bit on your next short film screenplay”. The only thing that was pushing me away from my goal was this message I had to write to my girlfriend: ‘It’s alright, I’m not mad, we’ll talk tomorrow’. Simple task.. yet fuckin’ hard.

I opened chrome (then I realized it was already opened), pressed ctrl+t (I already had tons of tabs opened as well), typed ‘f’ and ‘send’ with the speed of an ewok running away from the troops. And right after that, saw that video, that video with a llama in it that said Livin’ on a prayer Goat version’. I had no other chance. I clicked on it.. and suddenly..

Forgot everything. Blank page on my brain. Nothingness in my stream of consciousness.

Two motherfuckin’ hours later I found myself watching some irani blog that claimed it would help me to make money by recording myself masturbating with an orange.

My girlfriend dumped me in a matter of seconds.
And I never wrote  single word of my screenplay. Of course.


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