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Realize that there was a much simpler way


Hasn’t it never happened to you? Let’s say.. you’ve spent a whole day trying to input all your contact list from your old-fashioned analog notebook and, at the end of the day.. Something happens, your mobile phone go to hell.. You fuck up at some point.. we don’t know what happens, but.. you loose all you did.

Ok. It’s not work. But it stil beats the shit out of someone right away.

Well.. three days later you meet with this old friend of yours who’s a damned fuckin’ geek and, after you tell the whole story.. your great drama about how you ended up wasting a whole afternoon in the pursue of having a better organization by migrating to the digital.. after that.. he goes like:

“Didn’t you know you can take a picture and the phone will search for the numbers and organise it by its own?”

Then there’s silence. There are some awkward sights. And then.. SHAME.

Well.. I’m that kind of guy.
The geek.
And it still happen.



Smartphones (II)

There are more reasons why I hate those fuckers.. what about that moment in which they get damned stucked in the precise moment when someone is calling you!?! Or.. When they pick the phone!! Fuck!! You start wasting minutes and minutes just waiting for the mobile phone to respond!! I’v’e been tempted several times to throw it against the floor for the second time. Oh.. c’mon, seriously!? I don’t have free minutes.. and my company makes me pay for stablishing the contact!! Don’t make me cal again!!!

And d’you know why does this happen?? It’s because the fuckin’ phone is updating facebook..or retrieving the information from the whatssapp server!! (so that you girlfriend can know if the message got to you or not) D’you know what? No!! Your message didn’t get to me because I was fuckin’ trying to make a simple phone call!!

I dunno what was wrong with my mobile phone.. so I decided to desinstall all this bullshit that are suppossed to make your life easier thaat are commonly known as Apps. I reset the whole fuckin’ memory. Back to the original form.. And now.. It seems to work better.. no angry birds… no flipboard, no 360ยบ camera..

I decided not to make the same mistakes again.. so I decided not to install any of the apps I had and keep the phone clean of bullshit.. Well and then I installed Dropbox, it is needed… And googlr drive… and evernote, and.. fuck.

I hate honesty

I hate that shit. Being honest means be looked and judged as an asshole. And the worst thing is that being honest includes being honest with yourself as the main requisite. It’s frustrating to see people throwing at you all the shit they see on your behavior. Well.. my behavior is how it is, if you don’t like it just.. fuck off! (but don’t go far, so I can keep telling you to fuck off.. that makes me feel good) I don’t know what the hell is wrong with people that think they are in a better position.. If I need help, I’ll ask for it. Until then, you’re going to be the asshole who’s just beating the shit out of me for no other reason than stating that you are better than me, and accepting that would mean that I’ve sucked for all my life.

(cynicism off)

I dunno.. when I have a problem with someone, what people usually say about it is that we have different opinions, but.. fuck that shit! Opinions are so motherfucking changeable, it’s all about pride and ego, and if we just cannot let it go, then it’s not a motherfucking opinion, it’s something that’s beyond this statement you’ve made and it’s either a fuckin’ principle of yours, that must be pretty in sync with your very insight, or it is your damned pride telling to mine ‘Suck my fuckin’ dick’.

Letting things go it’s not easy.. And been able to understand other people priorities is even harder.. but the effort is worth it. By bringing the conflict to the surface and phisicalizing it will have two outcomes, either you beat the shit out of it and you destroy it… or you get the fuck off because you see that’s not the place to go.

And these words keep resonating in here.. ‘the place to go.. the place to go’

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